Cleaning Vinyl Tiles

cleaning vinyl tiles

If you have vinyl tile as your flooring, you need to spend some extra time getting it clean. This type of tiles tends to look dirty quite easily. Dirt hides in the joints between the tiles. Vinyl tile is subject to scuff marks. And what makes it worse is the tile is prone to scratching. Sure, there are many commercial cleaning products that you can buy in the market, but you also need to know how to clean your vinyl tile to effectively use these cleaning products. There is no hurt in trying several cleaning products and just go with what works best for you. Here are the basic things you need to do to clean vinyl tiles.

First off, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and dirt on your floor tiles. Make sure that you clean the grout lines too. Use a toothbrush to loosen tough dirt in the lines.

Start with the mildest cleaning solution. If that doesn’t get your floors clean increase the power of the solution. A quick mopping with plain water and drying with a towel may be all you need. If that does not leave your floors sparkly clean, you can mix a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid unto a gallon of water. Use this cleaning solution and with a rag or mop, wipe your tiles.

Next, mix a tablespoon of ammonia product with water and soap mixture and use this solution to wash your vinyl floors. Leave it for a couple of minutes to allow the solution to loosen up the dirt on the tiles. Start on the corner farthest away from the entry to the door and work your way out of the room. Turn on the fan or open the windows so the ammonia fumes don’t bother you.

Don’t scour the tile with a rough pad. That has a tendency to scratch the tile. Scratches can’t be repaired so the tile will have to be replaced. When moving appliances over tiles place the appliance on a cardboard sheet so the legs don’t rip the tile.

Make sure to rinse off the ammonia, soap and water solution because it can leave an unsightly residue. Drying the tiles with an old towel helps prevent slips on wet tiles.

If you are not satisfied with the result, your last resort is to use a self-cleaning cleanser that you can buy at your local DIY or home improvement store. Apply the cleaning product using a fresh, damp cloth. Unlike other home product, self-cleaning cleansers do not leave any wax build-up or residue.

Clean your vinyl tile every week and the dirt won’t have a chance to build up. You’ll avoid a major cleaning job. Contact for your home cleaning needs.

Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Technology

Keeping your home clean can be difficult at times. The larger the house, the more problems you have. Throw in a couple of kids and a pet ferret and you have a constant mess. Especially when it comes to carpets and furniture, it seems like there are constant new stains popping up. What makes those even worse is when the kid, or ferret, that causes that stain won’t tell you about it when it happens and it just sits and gets worse. Those stains that are deep-rooted and have become “set” are pretty much impossible to get out on your own, and that’s when you need to hire the professionals to get your carpets and furniture clean again. Chem-dry technology is used by a large number of reputable cleaners because it works quickly and efficiently and will make you forget that you ever had a stain problem.

Chem-dry uses far less water than steam cleaning and is safe on carpets and furniture in that it does not cause any fading or water staining. The carbonation used to treat the stains is also non-toxic and safe for your little creatures to crawl on immediately following the cleaning. And because far less water is used, the drying time is not nearly as long as regular steam cleaning treatments. Chem-dry technology can be used on carpets, area rugs, upholstery, drapes, and even tile and grout. The method used with Chem-dry is very similar to the same effect that you get when you put club soda on a new stain on a shirt. The bubbles work to break up the stain particles on a molecular level and a rinse with water shortly after will remove anything that stuck. Effervescence is a time-honored method of removing stains because it really does work, and it works without the need to add harsh chemicals. And the easiest way to have access to this kind of technology is to seek out professional cleaning service.

In the areas in your home that get high traffic, professional carpet and upholstery cleaning is the best way to minimize or reduce stains all together. Chem-dry is especially effective on surfaces with difficult curves and crevices, like sofas or armchairs. Those pieces of furniture are loved and thus get a great deal of attention from the family, so be prepared to do periodic cleanings. The wear and tear don’t need to be permanent even though it happens all the time. So worry about all of the other things going on in your house, like the clogged gutters and the overflowing dishwasher. Don’t stress about the stains that you’re just finding now from last Christmas, they can still be lifted using the trusted technology of Chem-dry.

The furniture and carpets that you love can be maintained and kept for years to come, saving you money on replacements down the line. And using the same cleaning technology in your bathroom, on the moldy and stained tile and grout, can also save time, money, and stress over whether your family is living in a clean environment.